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Hot Tubs In Calgary | Experience the ultimate relaxation with the Feeling spa, a portable and affordable oasis. This spa combines style, comfort, and exceptional massage features. Its sleek design includes a back-lit waterfall, LED lighting, and easy access to plumbing. Relax in two lounge chairs or a full-length chair, with a step-in seat for easy access that doubles as a cool down spot. The Feeling is a “Plug & Play” spa, requiring no special setup or electrician for its standard 120V connection. Convertible to 240V for cold weather efficiency, it’s lightweight (350 lbs.) and easy to transport. The Feeling offers simplicity, comfort, quality, and affordability in spa ownership.

Size 91×91×37 in
Amount of water
396 gallons
Reclining / Sitting places 1 reclining place / 5 sitting places
Acrylic colour Midnight Canyon, Sterling Silver, Tuscan Sun
Cabinet colours Black, Brown, Grey
Total number of jets 64
Waterfall / fountain jets 2 pcs lighting laminar fountain jets

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Spartan Spa

Hot Tub Cover

The Spartan spa revolutionizes rotational molding with its blend of style, comfort, and exceptional massage in a portable, affordable package. Inspired by its namesake, this spa leads in design, boasting a backlit waterfall, LED lighting, and easy portability with 100% accessible plumbing. It offers supreme comfort and practicality, ensuring a satisfying spa experience.

Its versatile seating includes two ergonomic captain’s chairs of different sizes and a full-width bench that doubles as a lounger, plus a step that serves as a cool down seat. The “Plug & Play” feature requires no special installation or electrician, working with a standard wall receptacle or an optional 240V conversion.

Weighing 320 lbs., the Spartan is easily transportable by pick-up truck or trailer, featuring built-in hand recesses for effortless movement. It represents the perfect combination of simplicity, quality, and portability, epitomizing the fusion of strength and comfort.

Hot Tubs In Calgary | Orion spa

Hot Tubs In Calgary | The Orion Spa, ideal for social gatherings, features four oversized corner seats, a spacious two-tiered footwell, and textured zones for foot massages. It includes safety-enhancing Step-In/Cool Down seats. With 28 adjustable stainless steel jets, including foot and neck jets, and a 4-way diverter, it offers customizable massage experiences.

This 120V “Plug & Play” spa is easy to install, filling up in about 24 hours and convertible to 240V for better heating in cold weather. Its contemporary design boasts a cascading waterfall with LED backlighting and corner lights, adding style and functionality to any backyard.

Size 82″ x 82″ x 34″
Mass 320 kg
Total number of jets 28
Seats 5
Power 120V or 240V
Drain Accessible – Insulation – Level Surface – Lights – Portability – Waterfall – Whrilpool Jet

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