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Hot Tub Stores Calgary | What People Say About Us

Boe at Revolution has been nothing short of amazing. They know their products and will get you what you need. I will definitely be sending my friends here.

Jorre W

I made a special trip into Calgary to pick up the Miracle Easy Pouches which is the best product I have found to keep chemical balance perfect for our hot tub. This product is extremely hard to find, so Revolution is the place to go!! I called the store and Boe stayed open late to accommodate me. He was super helpful and said he’d even ship it out to me next time. I’ll certainly continue to support Revolution and if we ever replace or upgrade our tub, Boe will get our business. Excellent customer service.

Valerie Gonda

Wife and I spent the last year convincing each other to buy either a pool or a hot tub. Wife wanted a hot tub and I wanted a pool. We decided on the swim spa so that we can get the best of both worlds. We had checked around at the big hot tub stores and sent several emails and phone calls later decided to go with Revolution Hot Tubs in the NE Calgary. Spoke with Boe (Owner) and went down there to see what their shop was like because it is important to me not just where but who I’m buying from and if they’ll follow through with service issues. We asked all sorts of questions being first time buyers and ended up buying a Wellis swim spa. The process from start to finish was fully transparent and all of my expectations were met, some exceeded. From delivery to crane to placement, to initial startup and water balancing, they were there. If its not perfect, just let Boe know and he will make it right because to him, your experience is paramount as I have experienced it. He doesn’t just say those things. The man lives it. I fully recommend anyone that is looking for a Hot Tub or Swim Spa to buy here. You will get personal service, direct from a family run business that really cares about your relationship long term and not just their next sale. Kudos to Boe and Brendyn for everything!

Steve Tran

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