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Hot Tubs

Monte Rosa
90.5 x 90.5 x 37"

The Monte Rosa is a Revolution HotTub favourite!  If you are a sports enthusiast and enjoy hiking, biking running ect... the leg massage in the lounge seat is unparalleled.
Mont Blanc

90.5 x 90.5 x 35.5"

The Mont Blanc is one of our best selling hot tubs and has the room for 7, including the WellDome for the ultimate foot massage! This premium hot tub includes 78 chrome finished adjustable jets that simply melt away the stresses life can bring. Turn your back yard into the relaxation station you need and deserve.
86 x 86 x 35.5"

The London is the perfect size, and with 40 chrome finished jets, enhanced power massage pumps and switchable shoulder and neck jets, it is perfect for a relaxing massage experience.
86 x 86 x 34"

The new Milan is a perfect hot tub for those who love to lounge! Ergonomically designed loungers keep you from floating out of place, providing the ultimate foot and leg massage. Very popular hot tub in our line up.
86 x 86 x 35.5"

The Paris hot tub combines modern look with conventional values and offers seating for up to 7. With different seat heights and massage systems the Paris is perfect for the family or people that love to entertain.
75 x 71 x 33.5"

The Berlin is a compact yet well equipped hot tub and is a great place to be in the company of good friends. With 4 seats, 3 fountain jets plus a waterfall it is sure to impress those very same friends!
79 x 60 x 33.5"

The Rome was designed by physiotherapists that developed a massage experience based on tested jet positions. Available SmartTouch controls, Scandinavian insulation upgrade and AquaSoul stereo make this hot tub a "pound for pound" favorite.